XBox Device Status

XBox Device Status (XBDS) is an application specifically designed for showing the battery status of XBox control pads and headsets that are connected to Windows computers. XBDS shows the battery status in its modern-style interface and via an icon in the system tray. Additional features such as a device tester, capabilities information, and more are available. More information is available here.

IDCategoryTask TypePrioritySeveritySummaryStatusProgress
309Backend / CoreFeatureMediumVery LowAdd a DevicesChanged() eventNew
Task Description

Add an application-wide event to classes/forms can subscribe to so they are notified if there has been a change to a connection change to gamepads/headsets so they can perform any necessary actions, such as the Input Tester refreshing its gamepad selection menu.

308User InterfaceOverhaulLowLowThe Input Tester should use DeviceProfileNew
Task Description

The Input Tester shouldn’t be hardcoded to use an Xbox One control pad, but instead should use the DeviceProfile class to describe a pad (its graphic and overlay button states). This will allow the Input Tester to should the relevant game pad for the current device.

300Backend / CoreTestLowLowTest Multiple GamepadsNew
Task Description

Connect multiple controllers and see if XBDS behaves as expected.

297User InterfaceFeatureLowLowAllowing the toggling of Gamepad/HeadsetNew
Task Description

Allowing the toggling of the battery information in the main window between Gamepad and Headset. The background should change to a headset and the displayed textual information should update to that of the Headset data.

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