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6Backend / CoreFeatureVery LowVery LowAdd a transaction log of all I/O changes made after a s...Assigned
Task Description

If a detailed-enough log is kept of a full “processing”, then maybe this’ll allow the possibility of “undoing” a processing after-the-fact?

Would need proper planning and checks in place as it could get somewhat messy if anything unexpected happens.

5InterfaceEnhancementVery LowVery LowLanguage SupportAssigned
Task Description

Convert all literal strings over to BiQubic.Suite.AppFramework‘s translation system, which also needs completing.

4PluginFeatureLowLowMethod: Duplicate. Find duplicate items.Assigned
Task Description

no task description

3Backend / CoreTestVery LowVery LowTest Portable ModeRequires testing
Task Description

Changing between standard and portable mode and having FileSieve automatically rearrange the settings won’t be implemented. This was enough of a nightmare with WoLEX!

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