Scheduled For Release 2018-10-05
0000358: [Plugin] Have Standard A-Z produce ranges (BootBlock)
0000351: [Backend / Core] Launcher Copy As Command-Line should insert FileSieve.exe (BootBlock)
0000350: [User Interface] FileSieve Launcher colour transition glitch (BootBlock)
0000346: [User Interface] Create Light and Dark themes (BootBlock)
0000287: [Backend / Core] Add a Photos/Music/etc Preset to the Classification Editor (BootBlock)
0000286: [Backend / Core] Ensure Long Filename support works (BootBlock)
0000359: [User Interface] Display an As-You-Configure window in Methods/Modifiers (BootBlock)
0000357: [Plugin] Method: Delimiter (BootBlock)
0000343: [Backend / Core] Create 64-bit distribution (BootBlock)
0000349: [Backend / Core] Perform a code pass (BootBlock)
0000340: [Backend / Core] Only Create Folders (BootBlock)
0000347: [Backend / Core] Saving the theme from the Interface Editor doesn't work (BootBlock)
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Scheduled For Release 2018-11-03
0000232: [User Interface] Ensure all controls have mnemonics (BootBlock)
0000216: [Backend / Core] Integrate AppFramework's new Exception submitter (BootBlock)
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