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0000250Comica 2[All Projects] Backend / Corepublic2019-02-04 08:40
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Summary0000250: Integrate Definition Editor

I think this is a good idea, but I'm not 100% sure yet:

Integrate the database editor directly into Comica as opposed to making it a separate project. This'll provide users with the same editing tools that I've been using for the v1.xx series.

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2018-12-28 09:55

administrator   ~0000027

This isn't a good idea. This is a great idea!

Not sure how to handle uploading, though, as this isn't something that should be available to the user. Unless I want to allow users to have their own distributable comic databases? Actually, yeah - that's probably a good idea.


2018-12-28 09:56

administrator   ~0000028

Okay, unlike Comica 1.xx, the FTP uploader should be built directly into Comica itself as opposed to an external console application.

Allow customisation of FTP details.

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