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0000306Comica 2[All Projects] Backend / Corepublic2019-02-09 19:36
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Summary0000306: Add support for multiple comics images within one strip

Some comics have multiple images per "strip", including comics that have a bonus image that accompanies the main image (such as in Amazing Super Powers). Instead of having multiple comic definitions for the same comic to support all those separate images, allow a single definition to define multiple images.

This will require a major change to the class object layout to support an arbitrary list of images to be obtained.

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child of 0000312 assignedBootBlock Add UI support for multi-image strips 



2019-02-08 09:03

administrator   ~0000050

The refactoring got so confusing that I had to draw out the class diagram. Very rare that I ever need to graph anything out...

comia_diagram.png (74,308 bytes)
comia_diagram.png (74,308 bytes)

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