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Summary0000343: Create 64-bit distribution

There are probably very few 32-bit machines out there now (especially as .NET 4.7.2 requires a much newer version of Windows) so it may be about time to move over to a 64-bit distribution and leave the 32-bit world behind.

While FileSieve shouldn't benefit too much from the move, it'll at least make everything natively 64-bit without requiring the Windows WoW64 "emulator" to be invoked like with all 32-bit software on 64-bit Windows OSes.

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2019-04-08 19:13

administrator   ~0000072

Seems to be working so far but more testing is required.


2019-04-09 08:07

administrator   ~0000073

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What doesn't work is the WinForms designer on an x64 project.

I've changed the target architecture to AnyCPU and actually read up on specifically what it does (in regards to the latest .NET framework).

An AnyCPU assembly executable will get JITted and loaded as a 64-BIT process on a 64-BIT machine+OS, but will get JITted and loaded as 32-BIT if it is being loaded into a 32-BIT process. So, this means I don't need to specifically target x64 - the JITter will take care of targeting on the user's machine.

I used to specifically target x86 over the years due to weird BadFormatImage exceptions which now seem to be solved, especially as I stopped signing my assemblies a long time ago.


2019-04-23 20:11

administrator   ~0000079

All testing so far indicates that there are no issues with the x64 build of FileSieve.

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