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0000380FileSieve[All Projects] Backend / Corepublic2019-05-18 14:15
ReporterBootBlockAssigned ToBootBlock 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.41 
Target Version4.42Fixed in Version 
Summary0000380: Display message if the Registered plugin crashes on initialisation

While FileSieve gives the user information when the Registered plugin is outdated, it doesn't actually say anything specific should the Registered plugin exception during interrogation by the plugin system.

The reason this issue was encountered was due to changing the IPlugin interface (added a ProfileFinishing(profile) method) and Registered crashing, as expected, but what wasn't expected was that the user isn't notified of this (except for a generic plugin load error within the Log) and so their licensed copy of FileSieve became the Free edition.

Now, a message is displayed and they can optionally visit their FileSieve account to update the plugin.

Steps To Reproduce

Run FileSieve 4.42 or above with a Registered plugin that has a version lower than 4.42.

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