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Summary 0000253: Customised layout
Revision 2018-12-21 17:47 by BootBlock

My mental image is that I've got My Favorite Comics (or whatever) in the left pane, and I could do something like drag-n-drop titles in any order into "the newspaper pane" (I'm inventing something here to differentiate it from the existing reading pane, but this might just be add'l functionality of the reading pane). In a perfect world an outline of the comic appears in the newspaper pane and I can move it around so that I could drop my current comic before or after other comics already dragged into the pane. So the newspaper pane is really some kind of layout tool. I'm imagining only single column layout simply because I would guess that multicolumn layouts would be much harder to implement.

Once I saved my newspaper pane, any time I access it again it presents all the previously selected comics in the order I laid them out. The only time I'd have to edit would be if I added new comics or wanted to delete old comics. If the underlying basis for the layout was specifically My Favorite Comics then I'd prefer that removing the favorite attribute from a title would automatically hide it from the reading layout so I wouldn't have to manually remove it myself.

Revision 2018-12-21 17:37 by BootBlock

Turns out I misunderstood the task request, so I'll update this soon with the correct idea.

Revision 2018-12-12 16:41 by BootBlock

Selecting multiple comics should display them all (at a reduced size, of course) within the viewer at the same time and clicking on one of them in the viewer should then display that comic.