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Summary0000290: Re-implement Favourites/IsNew/etc

IsFavourite and IsNew have been decoupled from Comics.Definition as they shouldn't be in the definition database at all. They should, instead, be contained within the user's comic metadata stores.

Because of the separation, the favourites and "new" system need to be re-implemented.

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2019-01-29 08:42

administrator   ~0000040

The system by which database selection works is pretty good, but what's not good - pretty or otherwise - is implementing Favourites support.

Database selection works by there actually being a physical database object, but Favourites are a ... er, what's the word, or term? Can't remember. They're made up of information from other meta-states so a database object doesn't exist for them and so a construct needs to be made to represent them.

I think Favourites may have to be implemented at the low BiQubic.Comics framework level so it can reconstruct them into a phantom Database object that can be easily slotted into the Comica frontend without it having to have specific code to deal with 'em.

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