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0000338Comica 2User Interfacepublic2019-03-08 16:50
ReporterBootBlock Assigned ToBootBlock  
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Product Version2.00 
Target Version2.00 
Summary0000338: Crash in Viewer

Viewing a comic image strip within Viewer and then closing the viewer and viewing another image strip causes a Null Reference exception.

This appears to happen because the Viewer form has been Disposed. Not sure what introduced this bug as it has been working perfectly fine all this time.

Seems to just happen on the following line, despite all controls having their .Enabled states set directly before this line.

Me.tbrMain_ZoomLevel.Enabled = gotImage

Steps To Reproduce
  1. View any comic strip's image in the Viewer.
  2. Close the Viewer.
  3. View another comic strip's image (the same comic or a different one) in the Viewer.
  4. Observe nullref exception.



2019-03-08 09:07

administrator   ~0000066

Seems to happen when the second image is downloaded as opposed to being loaded from the on-disk archival cache.


2019-03-08 16:50

administrator   ~0000067

Updated to use Common.Panels.IsViewerOpen instead of doing a direct check of the pane/form.

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