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0000503Twitter DelitterUser Interfacepublic2020-02-28 07:26
ReporterBootBlock Assigned ToBootBlock  
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Product Version1.35 
Target Version1.36Fixed in Version1.36 
Summary0000503: HTML Entity decode tweet text within the tweets list

Haven't tested whether this applies to tweets not posted via TD, but posting a tweet via TD that includes certain characters (eg. & < >) causes TD to display the HTML entities for those characters rather than the decoded characters.




2020-02-28 07:26

administrator   ~0000229

Added Settings - Advanced - TweetHtmlDecoding, with the following options:

  • Auto
  • Always
  • Never

Always will always perform a WebUtility.HtmlDecode() and probably shouldn't be enabled; performance differences may not be noticeable on modern hardware, but why bother forcing it if it isn't required? Unless, obviously, TD isn't detecting when it should be applied - hence the reason the Always option exists.

Auto will check to see if the text contains an & ampersand character and then do a decode if it does.

Never will not perform a HtmlDecode under any circumstances.

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