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0000258Comica 2Backend / Corepublic2018-12-16 16:28
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Summary0000258: Revamp the Ratings system

The (old) Comic Framework used an Enum system.

The initial version of the new framework (BiQubic.Comics) uses a constant (Public Const) system.

Change the new version of BiQubic.Comics to use a hybrid system that has an underlying Enum system, but also provides a Dictionary collection that contains those Enums along with a String that has an English interpretation of those Enums.

For example:

Ratings.Add(Ratings.All, "Everyone")
Ratings.Add(Ratings.Teen, "Teen")
Ratings.Add(Ratings.Adult, "Adult")

The Dictionary implementation also prevents Comica having to "know" about each individual rating to include support for new ones as it can just enumerate the collection once and then be futureproof.

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