Scheduled For Release 2018-12-07
0000378: [Backend / Core] Add reg-ex capture for a comic's official published date (BootBlock)
0000274: [Maintenance] Perform a code pass (BootBlock)
       0000367: [Maintenance] Use code analysers to ensure code correctness (BootBlock)
0000266: [Maintenance] Extensive debug logging (BootBlock)
0000317: [Performance] Cache page source during version check (BootBlock)
0000365: [User Interface] Add a Preview Image pane to the Strip - RegEx helper (BootBlock)
0000345: [User Interface] Status bar says "Loaded from image cache" when downloading (BootBlock)
0000333: [Backend / Core] Add a better system for submitting definitions (BootBlock)
0000331: [User Interface] Advise the user they shouldn't edit the official Database (BootBlock)
0000328: [Backend / Core] Nightly Builds? (BootBlock)
0000325: [Backend / Core] The %definition.publisherurl% code isn't injected (BootBlock)
0000318: [Backend / Core] Change String concatenations to interpolations (BootBlock)
0000283: [Backend / Core] Add events to Definition (BootBlock)
0000307: [User Interface] Add additional view modes to the comic viewer (BootBlock)
0000290: [Backend / Core] Re-implement Favourites/IsNew/etc (BootBlock)
       0000296: [Backend / Core] Implement a Database-wide metastore (BootBlock)
0000293: [Backend / Core] Allow user to create own Databases (BootBlock)
0000277: [User Interface] PictureBoxEx zooms incorrectly (BootBlock)
0000275: [Backend / Core] Complete FtpBrowserContainer (BootBlock)
0000270: [User Interface] Add ToolTips (BootBlock)
0000265: [User Interface] Custom Categories (BootBlock)
0000253: [User Interface] Customised layout (BootBlock)
0000263: [Backend / Core] Create a plugin system (BootBlock)
0000262: [Backend / Core] Create an IViewer interface (BootBlock)
0000259: [User Interface] Scrolling the Viewer with keys doesn't work correctly (BootBlock)
0000256: [User Interface] Create a custom Theme (BootBlock)
0000255: [User Interface] Add Infiniti-Scrolling for Browsing Archived Images (BootBlock)
0000254: [Backend / Core] Maintain date of downloaded comics (BootBlock)
0000252: [Backend / Core] Add Codes to all fields (BootBlock)
0000374: [Backend / Core] Add option to pre-select last selected strip from archive (BootBlock)
0000362: [User Interface] Add Fit to View to Image Viewer (BootBlock)
       0000364: [User Interface] Fit To View results in Viewer still being scrollable (BootBlock)
0000281: [Maintenance] Return named Tuples for everything (BootBlock)
0000348: [User Interface] Add options dialog for clean-up (BootBlock)
0000339: [Backend / Core] Decouple comic downloading from UI (BootBlock)
       0000341: [User Interface] Add ListViewItem to Definition (BootBlock)
       0000342: [Backend / Core] Add support for downloading multiple comics simultaneously (BootBlock)
             0000344: [Backend / Core] Add support for cancellation token during download (BootBlock)
0000250: [Backend / Core] Integrate Definition Editor (BootBlock)
0000326: [User Interface] Add Save to File/Copy to Clipboard to Definition Status Log (BootBlock)
0000320: [User Interface] Add a Database Editor pane (BootBlock)
       0000319: [Backend / Core] Add support for aliases (BootBlock)
0000291: [Backend / Core] Add a Comica 1.xx -> 2.xx Definition converter (BootBlock)
0000312: [User Interface] Add UI support for multi-image strips (BootBlock)
       0000314: [User Interface] Allow Comica to guess the regex for comic images (BootBlock)
       0000306: [Backend / Core] Add support for multiple comics images within one strip (BootBlock)
             0000336: [Backend / Core] Add RedirectUrl to ComicImage (BootBlock)
       0000315: [Backend / Core] Modularise/Make Public Image Matching methods (BootBlock)
0000304: [Backend / Core] Add a Comic Archive "clean up" (BootBlock)
       0000305: [Backend / Core] Add option to run Archive Clean-Up on a schedule (BootBlock)
0000292: [User Interface] Allow comic searching, filtering, etc (BootBlock)
0000302: [Backend / Core] Add Comic sorting (BootBlock)
       0000303: [Backend / Core] ArchiveItem.Metastore is null (BootBlock)
0000272: [User Interface] Make Start Page into generic browser (BootBlock)
0000273: [Backend / Core] Add FTP Database Uploading (BootBlock)
0000278: [User Interface] Add Keyboard shortcuts system (BootBlock)
0000377: [User Interface] Rename SetBackColorToMatchComicImagePixelPosition to BackColorPixelPosition (BootBlock)
0000373: [Backend / Core] Archive loses recently-added strip addition (BootBlock)
0000370: [User Interface] Auto-Match window should explain what it is better (BootBlock)
0000366: [Backend / Core] Make Archive - Open Folder more intelligent (BootBlock)
0000338: [User Interface] Crash in Viewer (BootBlock)
0000337: [Backend / Core] Database Converter isn't converting the Age Rating (BootBlock)
0000335: [User Interface] Changing the Auto-Matches content doesn't set the modified state (BootBlock)
0000334: [User Interface] DatabaseEditor isn't being persisted across sessions (BootBlock)
0000332: [Backend / Core] Removing a Definition from the Database isn't saved (BootBlock)
0000324: [Backend / Core] ComicImage.Parent is null upon Database load (BootBlock)
0000321: [Backend / Core] Saving with DatabaseEditor causes a load problem (BootBlock)
0000311: [User Interface] Cannot get Comics List back after it's closed (BootBlock)
0000309: [Backend / Core] Delete Strip from Archive needs to purge metastore info (BootBlock)
0000301: [Backend / Core] Duplicate comic image being downloaded (BootBlock)
0000376: [User Interface] Allow Viewer's background colour to be overidden (BootBlock)
0000264: [Backend / Core] Replace the "Meta-store" with individual stores (BootBlock)
       0000372: [Backend / Core] Add Comic Name to a comic's Metastore data (BootBlock)
0000369: [User Interface] Populate the About menu with additional items (BootBlock)
0000352: [Maintenance] Integrate BiQubic.Framework (BootBlock)
0000368: [Performance] Convert For...Each loops to For...Next loops (BootBlock)
0000300: [Maintenance] Perform a property pass of Comic.Definition (BootBlock)
0000363: [User Interface] Expose Viewer quality settings (BootBlock)
0000356: [User Interface] Deleting a Definition should close its editor, if open (BootBlock)
0000355: [Backend / Core] Move InjectCodes() to BiQubic.Comics (BootBlock)
0000323: [User Interface] Allow Definitions to be deleted (BootBlock)
0000330: [Backend / Core] Add Notes and Description fields to Database (BootBlock)
0000327: [User Interface] Add a context menu to the AltText panel (BootBlock)
0000329: [User Interface] Add Open Archive Folder to comic context menu (BootBlock)
0000322: [User Interface] Add a Author Mode (BootBlock)
0000316: [User Interface] Double-click an image in the DefinitionStripEditor to view it (BootBlock)
0000310: [User Interface] Allow the creation of new comic definitions (BootBlock)
0000268: [Backend / Core] Add Comic Archive Browser (BootBlock)
0000308: [User Interface] Customise-able comic archive list item labels (BootBlock)
0000299: [User Interface] Add View Log entry to comic context menu (BootBlock)
0000298: [User Interface] Place common menu item functionality in the main toolbar (BootBlock)
0000276: [Backend / Core] Add comic image archiving (BootBlock)
       0000285: [Backend / Core] Add comic strip image hashing (BootBlock)
       0000284: [Performance] Cache ArchiveItems (BootBlock)
       0000279: [Maintenance] Rewrite Definition.Download() (BootBlock)
       0000280: [Backend / Core] Dump Comic GUID table (BootBlock)
             0000353: [Backend / Core] Dump Guid Table should optionally only dump certain Guids (BootBlock)
             0000354: [Backend / Core] Dump Guid Table should allow customisation of its format (BootBlock)
       0000297: [User Interface] Add Image Information to Archive pane (BootBlock)
0000295: [User Interface] Add a toolbar to Comics list (BootBlock)
0000294: [Backend / Core] Comic Search returns out-of-order results (BootBlock)
0000289: [User Interface] Add option to hide Alt-Text until manually revealed (BootBlock)
0000261: [Backend / Core] Make use of GUIDs where appropriate (BootBlock)
0000288: [User Interface] Viewer background should match viewed comic image (BootBlock)
0000282: [User Interface] Add a Status Log (BootBlock)
0000269: [User Interface] Add Start Page (BootBlock)
0000271: [User Interface] Remember opened Definition Editors (BootBlock)
0000267: [Backend / Core] Make Genres a Collection of String (BootBlock)
0000258: [Backend / Core] Revamp the Ratings system (BootBlock)
0000257: [User Interface] Create a vertical tab control (BootBlock)
0000251: [User Interface] Complete MetroTabControl (BootBlock)
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Scheduled For Release 2018-12-10
0000371: [User Interface] Add a Debug page to the Web Browser tab (BootBlock)
0000249: [Backend / Core] Create and release new build (BootBlock)
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Scheduled For Release 2020-03-06
0000515: [User Interface] Complete tooltips (BootBlock)
0000514: [Backend / Core] Integrate with BiQubic.Framework (BootBlock)
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Scheduled For Release 2018-11-20
0000241: [User Interface] Rename XBox Device Status to Pad Device Status (BootBlock)
0000313: [Backend / Core] Add Joy-to-Key support (BootBlock)
0000237: [Backend / Core] Add support for PlayStation pads (BootBlock)
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