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0000042FileSievePluginpublic2021-01-27 22:17
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Summary0000042: Tag (and possibly EXIF?) Method doesn't rename actual files

The Tag plugin is where the issue was found; the EXIF plugin will be investigated later.

The Tag plugin doesn’t actually rename processed files, but instead just creates directories based on the entered Name Mask.

Was this the original intention? Doesn’t seem anywhere near as useful as also being able to rename the files.

For example, the original file:

  • my_song.mp3

This results in:

My Album\My Song.mp3\my_song.mp3
It should be:

My Album\My Song.mp3
The original filename for the file doesn’t get changed by FileSieve when it gets processed. FileSieve doesn’t seem to modify the filename at all.

That can’t be right?

The status of this issue can be tracked here on the FileSieve Github repository.

TagsI/O, Method, Method.EXIF, Method.Tag


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