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0000450Twitter DelitterUser Interfacepublic2020-02-06 19:39
ReporterDanTup Assigned ToBootBlock  
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version1.33 
Summary0000450: Grid filters don't apply (but remain selected) after using other (non-grid) filters

If you apply a filter from the grid heading, then apply a filter from the left panel, the grid filter is ignored unless you toggle it off and back on.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Right-click on a column heading (for ex. "Replies")
  2. Click "Filtering" and add a filter (for ex. "Yes")
  3. <Grid is now filtered>
  4. Tick something in the left panel (for ex. a Client)
  5. <Grid now shows things without "Yes" in the "Replies" column, even though it's still ticked if you re-open the filters list>
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2020-02-06 19:24

reporter   ~0000174

The same thing seems to happen with the text search:

  1. Right-click on the "Replies" heading and choose Filtering -> Yes
  2. Type something into the text search box that matches lots of tweets
  3. <Tweets that have no replies now show in the list>


2020-02-06 19:33

administrator   ~0000175

Ohh... the ListView filtering; that filtering functionality when right-clicking on the ListView is a feature of that ListView control I'm using (ObjectListView - I tend to always do my own controls but the workload involved in doing my own version of ObjectListView is insane).

I'll need to properly go through the (Object)ListView's filtering system and see if I can have it extend the Filtering ListView (on the left) functionality rather than do its own thing. Still, I'm surprised it doesn't seem to persist the filter across view changes.

Also: Yikes at the literally thousands of items when right-clicking on the Text column...


2020-02-06 19:39

reporter   ~0000176

Yeah, I did suspect this might be accidental functionality. It's handy though, as as far as I can tell I can't inverse the filters on the left (eg. to show things with no replies, no likes, no RTs).

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