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0000237Pad Device StatusBackend / Corepublic2018-12-01 22:29
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Product Version1.07 
Target Version1.08 
Summary0000237: Add support for PlayStation pads

Presumably, XInput works fine with the PlayStation control pad - so add support for it, including a custom graphic within the Input Tester.

Now, I just need to find or borrow a Bluetooth receiver to do the actual testing...

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2018-12-01 22:20

administrator   ~0000015

Borrowed a Bluetooth adapter and a PlayStation 4 controller.

Results: not good. It seems the pad is just shown as a "Wireless Controller", including when using DS4Windows but even then it gets faked as an Xbox controller.

Consequently, it doesn't appear to be possible to tell if the connected controller is natively a PS pad or not.

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