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0000249Comica 2Backend / Corepublic2018-12-07 17:29
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Product Version1.11 
Target Version1.23 
Summary0000249: Create and release new build

There seem to be issues with the current public releases (1.10, 1.11, and possibly 1.21?), so create and release a new build.

This is much easier said than done; there have been literally years of changes made to the libraries that Comica relies on and so fixes and changes need to be made.

This specific Reddit thread is what prompted this, so thanks to... that guy!

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2018-12-04 15:15

administrator   ~0000016

Okay... there's an issue. A big issue.

It seems I was in the process of entirely rewriting the comics framework (which handles the downloading, archiving, etc, of comics) and ripped out the original framework.

This basically means the new framework would need to be completed in order for Comica to work again. I'm wondering if it would be better to just carry on with Comica v2 instead of trying to patch up the mess that is the v1.xx series. But this results in the prior problem that I can't really devote time to my free software as I need to work on my shareware/commercial stuff.

Gah, I dunno.

In the meantime, if you're looking for Comica 1.20 Alpha 3 that used to be in the forum (before it got replaced with its own sub-Reddit), then here's a link to it. Ensure you back-up your existing Comica installation and settings (located at %APPDATA%\Comical)

Download: Comica 1.20 Alpha 3


2018-12-07 17:28

administrator   ~0000017

This Comica project has been renamed to Comica 2 as it seems working on the next generation of the software is a better idea than attempting to get the existing code base working.

Apologies to anyone that is currently experiencing problems with the v1.xx series. The amount of work required to get it even running correctly is comparable compared to writing the v2.xx series from scratch.

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