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0000264Comica 2Backend / Corepublic2019-05-13 20:33
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Summary0000264: Replace the "Meta-store" with individual stores

The original design for Comica 2.xx was to use a single, global "meta store" that stores data on each comic and its strips (eg. alt-text).

But the issues with that are that the store could get quite big and it's storing data on multiple, unrelated comics.

The idea is to now have a store in each comic's directory that only provides information on that respective comic. While this increases the amount of I/O, it makes much more sense and decouples the entire comic archive from its parent location (containing the store).

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parent of 0000372 closedBootBlock Add Comic Name to a comic's Metastore data 
related to 0000276 closedBootBlock Add comic image archiving 



2019-01-16 15:11

administrator   ~0000033

Last edited: 2019-01-16 15:12

As the time of writing, the store should contain the following:

  • Datestamp of when a comic image was downloaded
  • Filename of the comic image's original name from the remote server
  • Alt-text / extended text for the comic image


2019-01-16 19:42

administrator   ~0000034

The ExtendedText (arbitrary text that can be grabbed from a comic's page) property is now a collection of string so any number of strings can be captured/stored/displayed.


2019-01-19 20:00

administrator   ~0000036

The store now contains the following:

  • RemoteFileName
  • LocalFileName
  • DownloadDate
  • AltText
  • ExtendedText

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