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0000280Comica 2Backend / Corepublic2019-04-16 08:55
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Product Version2.00 
Target Version2.00 
Summary0000280: Dump Comic GUID table

As Comica 2.xx will be internally/externally storing all comic-related information by GUID, have Comica create a .tsv file that shows which comic definition corresponds to which comic's GUID.

For example:

83a4ff53-1b03-4a7b-8542-7e181e6a23a7 Awkward Zombie
acc809d1-ba6b-4432-989a-fba4e1f30925 Beartato



parent of 0000354 closedBootBlock Dump Guid Table should allow customisation of its format 
parent of 0000353 assignedBootBlock Dump Guid Table should optionally only dump certain Guids 
child of 0000276 closedBootBlock Add comic image archiving 
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2019-03-05 16:17

administrator   ~0000065

This has been changed so the dumped table uses the name of the Database (Database.Name) that the dump references. This is to prevent clashes if there is more than one Database defined within Comica.

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