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Summary0000319: Add support for aliases

This mainly applies to sites such as GoComics.

An annoyance with Comica 1.xx was that there were a ton of comics that resided on GoComics and so used the exact same regex and settings as each other but it all had to be duplicated for each definition. The only sane way to fix an issue with that site for a definition was to perform a mass find-and-replace on the .xml file.

The idea of this task is to allow an alias to be defined at the Database-level that can then be referenced by a definition, in which BiQubic.Comics would replace all alias-references with their literal equivalents.

The advantage of this is that the aliased item (eg. ComicImage regex) would only need to be written in literal-form once, so it would only have to be corrected once in the future should it break.

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2019-02-28 16:01

administrator   ~0000058

The editor interface and storage of aliases is now in. Just need to do a .Replace() on all relevant fields within a Definition and sorted!


2019-03-01 08:44

administrator   ~0000059

Will need to ensure that all places are having their constants replaced with their literal equivalents, but it seems done now.

comica_dbeditor_aliases.PNG (76,981 bytes)   
comica_dbeditor_aliases.PNG (76,981 bytes)   

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