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0000366Comica 2Backend / Corepublic2019-05-06 08:29
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Product Version1.23 
Target Version2.00 
Summary0000366: Make Archive - Open Folder more intelligent

While adding the option of opening a comic's parent location (essentially the comic archive path, at this point) to Settings - Advanced instead of just its comic location, it seems the code for handling the actual opening should be a bit more intelligent.

Now, if OpenFolderOpensContainingParent is set to False (so the comic's archival location is opened in Windows) but no comic is selected or it doesn't have an on-disk archive, Comica should just open the general comic archive location. Or maybe just open the archive location even if the setting is True - no point just crying about it and then doing nothing (we ain't Linux! *).

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2019-05-06 08:29

administrator   ~0000085


Also added the ability to temporarily toggle this behaviour if the CTRL key is held down when clicking on the Archive Viewer - Open Folder toolbar button.


2019-05-06 08:29

administrator   ~0000086

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