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0000370Comica 2User Interfacepublic2019-05-08 09:04
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Product Version1.23 
Target Version2.00 
Summary0000370: Auto-Match window should explain what it is better

The DefinitionStripEditorImageAutoMatches (eeehh) form should have some text explaining what it actually is. While those that would use the feature should be able to guess what it is and how it works, it's worth just placing some description text down.

(It allows you to change the regular expressions that are used when Comica "guesses" which URLs are the actual comic images within the image strip editor)




2019-05-08 08:44

administrator   ~0000088

The text is now currently:

The Definition Strip Editor has a feature that attempts to auto-guess which URLs are likely to be the comic image(s). These are Regular Expressions - one per line - and are processed in a top-to-bottom ordering; once an expression matches a URL, processed stops and that expression is used.


2019-05-08 09:04

administrator   ~0000089

Added the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • F2
    Invokes the Test all Regular Expressions toolbar function
  • F5
    Clears and re-populates the textbox that contains the expressions
  • Escape
    Closes the form

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