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0000371Comica 2User Interfacepublic2019-05-10 08:48
ReporterBootBlock Assigned ToBootBlock  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.23 
Target Version1.23 
Summary0000371: Add a Debug page to the Web Browser tab

Add an internal page that displays various pieces of information on Comica and its internal state.

Currently, entering Comica:debug within the URL bar will display the page.




2019-05-09 23:02

administrator   ~0000090

Needs a bit more information adding but this is essentially complete.

Also added a Debug entry to the About menu which contains a Debug... Information menu item to display the (built-in) web-browser that automatically displays the debug information.


2019-05-10 08:47

administrator   ~0000091

Last edited: 2019-05-10 08:48

Maybe the Comica distribution could ship with a default debug_info.html file but Comica tries to view an equivalent file on the Comica server if an internet connection is available. This'll allow me to update the design of the page to make it look nicer without having to wait until a Comica release.

Although... I don't know if people would think Comica is "up to something" if it connects out to grab the updated display page. Comica is literally just displaying a page in a web browser control (see 0000272), so nothing nefarious is going on. Er, not that there would be anyway!

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