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Summary0000374: Add option to pre-select last selected strip from archive

Instead of just pre-selecting the newest image strip for a comic archive, add the option to pre-select the last selected strip instead. This'll allow the user to read through an archive without losing their place.




2019-05-13 21:53

administrator   ~0000093

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This is being expanded to provide a variety of pre-selection options, as follows...

  • ''' <summary>Do not pre-select any strips.</summary>

  • ''' <summary>Pre-select the strip with the oldest date.</summary>

  • ''' <summary>Pre-select the strip with the latest date.</summary>

  • ''' <summary>Pre-select the strip that was selected last.</summary>

  • ''' <summary>Pre-select any random strip.</summary>

Consequently, Gui.SelectStripOnComicSelection is being removed as the above is superseding its functionality.


2019-05-13 22:14

administrator   ~0000094

All of the above are implemented except for LastSelected; its design will need to be carefully implemented as to not having to keep writing out the last selected strip to each comic's metastore.

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