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0000414FileSieveBackend / Corepublic2020-01-24 07:58
ReporterBootBlock Assigned ToBootBlock  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.50 
Target Version4.51Fixed in Version4.51 
Summary0000414: Rewrite and integrate RegEx Tester into FileSieve.Plugins

For some reason, the RegEx Tester is implemented within the main FileSieve assembly as opposed to the Plugins assembly. This prevents plugins from making use of the tester, as well as any future editors such as a date-time formatter.

Relocate the tester into the Plugins assembly; could be worth completely redesigning the editor and extending its functionality, too.

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2020-01-06 08:06

administrator   ~0000143

Work has begun on the new tester, except I've called it Regex Editor this time around; stops any conflation during development between the old and new editors.


2020-01-06 08:30

administrator   ~0000144

The Regex Editor can now be called by plugins. Now, the time-consuming bit: redesigning and implementing the regex editing functionality.

FS-RegexEditor1.png (10,210 bytes)   
FS-RegexEditor1.png (10,210 bytes)   


2020-01-14 07:15

administrator   ~0000147

Made the window much wider to accommodate a "console log" that gives information to help with debugging the regular expression. There will be matching and error highlighting within the Test Data area just like the previous editor.

FS-RegexEditor2.png (21,665 bytes)   
FS-RegexEditor2.png (21,665 bytes)   


2020-01-24 07:58

administrator   ~0000152

This has been set to Resolved as opposed to Closed as it's implemented but not actually complete.

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