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0000420BiQubic FrameworkBackend / Corepublic2020-01-21 16:23
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Summary0000420: Display License Load Error Window

Since the BiQubic.Framework project amalgamated all of the BiQubic libraries, there was understandably an incompatibility in loading any projects based on those libraries; this included any prior licenses for software. The Framework just silently ignores load errors and carries on but the issue here is that the software in question reverts back to the Free edition, confusing the user.

A window should appear explaining to the user what happened: there was an error loading the license, and display steps on fixing the issue. Likely, the user would have to re-download their license again due to, say, a breaking change.




2020-01-21 07:43

administrator   ~0000149

Here's what the dialog currently looks like; likely, there will be tweaks made over time.


2020-01-21 08:27

administrator   ~0000150

Alright, made some changes so it looks nicer. Note that the colour is taken from the system's accent colour (as set automatically by Windows or personalised by the user).

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