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0000456Twitter DelitterPerformancepublic2020-02-10 08:03
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Product Version1.33 
Target Version1.34Fixed in Version1.34 
Summary0000456: Tie all archive and queue saving to an interval

All archive and queue saving should request a save rather than actually perform the saves. Using the Pulse control (by me!), a call to Save() should call Pulse.Beat() and only after a specific interval should Pulse.TimedOut() be called in-which the saves are actually performed.

This allows archive and queue saving to be called multiple times but the actual saving is only done once, say, a second after the last save call.



related to 0000455 closedBootBlock Re-serialisation of each tweet deletion 



2020-02-07 18:50

administrator   ~0000184

Batched saves are now in. The default is 2000 (milliseconds, equating to two seconds), meaning regardless of how many Queue and Tweet Archive saves are requested*, the actual saving I/O is limited to once per two seconds.

  • Saves are now requested and not performed by calling code. Because saves are done through an "executive/supervisor", there are two little indicators within the status bar of the main form to show that there are save(s) pending. In the included screenshot, the first icon is the main tweet archive, and the second is the deletion queue.
TD-PendingSaves1.png (2,306 bytes)   
TD-PendingSaves1.png (2,306 bytes)   


2020-02-10 08:03

administrator   ~0000194

Now using mutexes for tracking the saves and pending saves.

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