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0000522FileSieveUser Interfacepublic2020-04-13 00:22
ReporterBootBlock Assigned ToBootBlock  
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Product Version4.53 
Target Version4.55 
Summary0000522: Redesign the interface

A massive undertaking, but it might be worth completely redesigning the entire user interface? It'll have a sort of white Metro-look, like some of my other apps.




2020-04-09 15:29

administrator   ~0000254

Did some experimenting and here's what I've come up with as a preliminary test; took way too long to get the Acrylic tinting working, but it looks... alright? The tint colour and opacity/blending can be changed to any value.

If you're a licensed user and would like to test it for yourself, then select the Metro Test item within the Extras menu on the left of the main window.

FileSieve-MetroTest1.png (56,890 bytes)   
FileSieve-MetroTest1.png (56,890 bytes)   


2020-04-13 00:22

administrator   ~0000258

Alright, the plan is to redesign the interface without actually rewriting the entire application; the above translucent style won't be used as they would take a rewrite and so a half-way medium would be taken. All of the icons would need to be replaced, too... just that alone would be, uh, yeah...

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