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0000391Twitter DelitterBackend / Corepublic2020-01-27 18:31
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Summary0000391: Support the new Twitter tweets format

When Twitter changed their site design, they also changed from using Tweets.csv to using a JSON format. Because of this, Twitter Delitter can no longer import tweets.

Add support for importing the new format, ensuring the CSV import support remains; detect the format and run the appropriate import code.



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2019-10-31 10:56

administrator   ~0000119

Got the tweet data loaded in and parsed as a JSON object. Next up is actually extracting all of the relevant values - the most time-consuming bit by far.

There's tons of data in the new Twitter format; I wonder if it's worth showing some of that info within Twitter Delitter? No real use, though.


2019-10-31 13:49

administrator   ~0000120

Eight fields are now being imported from all tweets, so the implementation is working correctly. Next up is importing the rest of the data, including the new fields that the revised Twitter data archive now provides. There is a lot of information available, but I'm not really sure it's worth importing or providing a viewer for unless Twitter Delitter also becomes a true tweet archive viewer in additional to its original deletion purpose?


2019-11-01 09:08

administrator   ~0000121

All works!

It still needs to provide additional functionality on the new data that is available but importing now entirely works with the new Twitter format. Phew!


2019-11-04 09:29

administrator   ~0000122

Last edited: 2019-11-04 09:30

All of the existing filtering options now work.

Next up is adding additional options based on the newly available properties TD now has access to.


2019-11-04 10:04

administrator   ~0000123

A test build has been packaged up so a third party can test to see if everything works as it should.


2019-11-06 10:08

administrator   ~0000124

Seems to work, so that's good!

I'm going to open up a new task for adding support for the new fields and features afforded by the tweet.js file.

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